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#6 Empowering Beliefs

Today, I’m going to talk to you about empowering beliefs. If you want to perform at a high level, you’ll need a set of beliefs to match your ambition.

Today I’d like to talk about empowering beliefs. So far in this performance series we’ve talked about values levels conflicts, the resolution of the repressed emotions and the next level up is looking at our beliefs.

Did you know that the average two-year-old is told the word ‘no’ more than 200 times a day? I’m sure there are people that are told that anyway as adults, but if you can imagine that as a child you’re starting off in life being told the word ‘no’ more than 200 times a day. is it any wonder that by the time you become an adult you’ve got some problems with your belief system.

Is it surprising that people question whether they deserve to perform, whether they’re competent enough to perform? There are other questions people have too, but these are probably the biggest doubts people have about themselves – whether they’re worth it or whether they’re good enough. These negative beliefs about ourselves hold us back from performing at the level that we’re really capable of.

If that’s something that you think is affecting you, you’ll be pleased to know we can release or change a limiting belief in a matter of minutes. Even for the most complex cases where they’ve got a number of beliefs stacked up it doesn’t take longer than just a few hours. The reason it is so quick is that there’ll be one belief at the core and when we can release that, a lot of the other beliefs simply evaporate.

So if that’s you and you think you’ve got some beliefs holding you back do get in touch we’d love to help you release them.

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