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The flagship ‘Breakthrough’ programme is designed to: take a C-suite executive and make them CEO-ready; and to create high-performing senior leadership teams.

CEO School Breakthrough Leadership

Whether you participate individually or as a senior leadership team, CEO School is leadership development with a difference. Most programmes, even the best ones, don’t even scratch the surface. There is a good reason for that. They operate in the conscious domain when all learning really takes place at the unconscious level. People enjoy the courses; they learn something and give them good reviews but little of real substance actually changes. The delegates’ sigh of relief is because they completed the course without being found out and the course provider’s sigh of relief is because they are going to be paid.

We know CEO School is different because the first time we ran it, most male delegates tried to leave the room! They did come back! No one had experienced anything like it before, despite long and distinguished professional careers. In debriefing them afterwards, all said how much the experience had changed their lives. All were internally calmer and were confidently focused on aiming higher than they had in the past.

The value programme graduates can add to their organisations is significantly increased. When you put a team through the programme this is even more true.

What is CEO School?

CEO School is a series of 3 consecutive 12-month programmes. It produces fully formed, resilient, high-performance people. CEO School takes its delegates through 3 developmental stages: mastery of self; mastery over others; and mastery through others. In each 12-month programme there are 5 challenges. Each challenge must be completed and passed to able to move on to the next one. Just as in real life, there are no badges for trying.

CEO school is also an amazing experience. We are no longer surprised that individual graduates stay in touch and often do business together or that teams take their performance to another level. The bonds they form during CEO School would simply never happen in a normal work environment.


This programme includes becoming grounded, stretching yourself, building endurance, handling pressure and integrating the lessons.


This programme includes consolidating progress, communicating, recognising needs, getting into flow and identifying purpose.


This programme includes cultivating exponential growth, developing self-managing teams, curating humble yet inspiring Leadership, and building succession.

CEO School Breakthrough Leadership Stones in River

How it works

CEO School works by getting to the root causes of that which holds you back, limits your perspective and constrains your ambition.

Instead of teaching you coping strategies, habits you must repeat, to manage yourself better, we show you how to release your internal brakes, so that life and work get easier. Once you have achieved this initial breakthrough you become much more open to learning new perspectives and new skills.

Each stage of CEO School is laser focused and delivered in manageable chunks that both inform and test participants with a continuous flow of learning and doing to embed the learning and to develop skills. Some of these elements come from outside of the corporate world, so are unlikely to have been experienced before.

At the end of each event, participants choose their goals for the next period. In between events we balance support, feedback and accountability to help each person apply what they have learned to achieve those goals. The breaks between the stages are long enough for participants to get real world experience applying their learnings to develop expertise, before the next stage comes along.

Motivation is maintained because each stage has to be passed, not just awarded.

You only graduate once you have passed all three stages.

What outcomes can I expect?

One of the key goals of CEO school is to bring the whole picture of the individual into his or her conscious awareness. We help the CEO School graduates release that which is unwanted and to reprogram what is desired. They are more composed and have greater resilience. They have moved beyond their own egos and have become fully formed. This is so rare in the corporate world and yet it is what all top-performing companies seek.

In addition, they now have a budding set of leadership skills to help them perform at a higher level to deliver better results than in the past. This shows in the way they deal with others, the way they assess opportunities, and the way they manage their time.

Outside work, key relationships improve and clients have reported better health, being in a better place and finding it easier to get in better shape. If you would like to find out more:

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