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My personal mission is to change the life of every person I work with. I have the skills and experience to do so.

John Cottrell Breakthrough Leadership

Most people spend their entire life trying to avoid the grit and then wonder why they never find the pearl.

I have an eclectic mix of experience that includes: coaching, consulting and senior management roles in a range of businesses across the world.

I’m informed by: what works and can be repeated; that which is in the client’s interest; and that which takes us further. Show me the acorn and I will imagine the oak tree and how to grow it.

My teachers too have had an incredible variety to them, from Wind Eagle and Rainbow Hawk (Native North Americans) to Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the Israeli physicist who developed Theory of Constraints and who wrote ‘The Goal’. There have been many others.

One constant though is that I have always chosen to use what works. I have never felt the need to blindly follow one ideology. Each body of knowledge has its strengths and weaknesses. The trick is to build hybrid approaches that take the best from the relevant schools of thought and combine them into something better than any of them individually.

Breakthrough Leadership John Cottrell
Breakthrough Leadership Coaching

My first large scale speaking slot was at Britain’s Best Factories in the late ‘80’s. I was given less than 24 hrs notice to stand in for someone else! Ever since then I’ve enthusiastically embraced every opportunity to educate and entertain an audience.