Breakthrough for Private Individuals

People come to Breakthrough for Private Individuals for all kinds of reasons. Some are incredibly vague, whilst others are very specific. Many have tried lots of different courses and trainings – some even spending six figure sums! Some have done nothing before at all.

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What they all have in common is an idea that life could somehow be better. Very often, even if they have an idea of a specific event which has affected them, they just don’t know how to deal with it in a way that it doesn’t bother them anymore.

You are not crazy. Most of the solutions out there are nothing more than idiosyncratic coping mechanisms at best and meal tickets for therapists at worst. That’s why they don’t work.

Whatever your personal feelings about yourself, one thing appears to be true: you are not to blame for whatever happened to you. You did your best in the circumstances, but now the unhelpful legacy of that time needs to be shifted.

Unresolved issues act on your unconscious mind to influence your decision-making, your moods and your behaviour – without you even knowing.

The things that have happened to you may have resulted in you becoming ill. Disease can have a significant emotional component. People seem to know which event triggered the symptoms which preceded their diagnosis.

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Breakthrough is especially good for those who have experienced trauma. We can help you complete the process in complete privacy, and you do not have to discuss anything which you may find uncomfortable. You certainly do not have to re-live the event!

After breakthrough, clients claim to feel lighter, calmer and more confident. At first it feels a bit weird because they are just not used to it. Some have been able to visit their doctor and be taken off their medication. For some, their spouses and colleagues immediately noticed the difference in them. For most, the everyday things in life that used to bother them, no longer do.