A Transformational Breakthrough Journey to Remove Your Baggage and Unlock Your Full Potential

1-2-1 Breakthrough

People come to 1-2-1 Breakthrough for all kinds of reasons. Some are incredibly vague, whilst others are very specific. Many have tried lots of different courses and trainings – some even spending six figure sums! Some have done nothing before at all. The majority feel held back in some way, but there is a piece of the jigsaw missing.

1-2-1 Breakthrough Leadership

Often what manifests might be quite minor. You may be a little bit irritable or snappy, so people tend to avoid you. You may lack a little confidence, so you don’t speak up, meaning you miss out on opportunities. You may feel a little bit down without realising things can easily be better. You are 90% there, but you know there is a certain something missing.

On the other hand, there are the major traumas like abuse, rape and bereavement which have affected many more people than you might believe. Fortunately, the effects of traumas can be relatively straightforward to release.

Whilst many people are relieved to be able to talk to someone in private, some are not. We can accommodate whatever suits you. Breakthrough can be run completely content free. You also do not have to experience an emotion to release it. And you don’t have to re-live any event.

The common theme that applies to everyone who wants to break through is a deep knowing that life can be better. You just don’t know how to access it. Very often, even if you have an idea of a specific event which has affected you, you just don’t know how to deal with it in a way that it doesn’t bother you anymore.

John Cottrell 1-2-1 Breakthrough Leadership
1-2-1 Breakthrough Leadership Coaching

If you are coming to us because you’ve tried everything else, chances are you are not crazy. Most of the solutions out there are nothing more than idiosyncratic coping mechanisms at best and meal tickets for therapists at worst. Their marketing works, but their methods don’t.

Most people in the ‘mental health’ space are there because they’re trying to work out what is wrong with them. I call these people ‘searchers’. Steer clear of them, they are not what you need.

Coaches and psychologists are often not much better, recommending many sessions without getting to the real root cause.

What you need is a process based on established bodies of knowledge that have been proven over time to get you results.

The 1-2-1 Breakthrough process was designed to allow you to get the results you need.

At work, you get promoted and get pay rises. It is much easier to cope with stress; you have become more resilient. You are more productive because you are better able to concentrate.

In business, life gets easier for you and for your team. You now have the mental space to focus on growth.

At home there is more calm, fewer arguments and better conversations. There’s more than one divorce been averted too!

1-2-1 Breakthrough Leadership