who is it for?

Breakthrough is for successful people who are self-aware enough to realise they have more potential within them than they can currently access.

ceo & senior execs

The pressures on CEOs and senior execs have never been greater. Now is the time when being able to bring your ‘A’ game to work consistently every day is a significant competitive advantage. While everyone else is blaming circumstances, you and your team are adapting fast to turn challenge into opportunity


Teams too have never had a greater need to perform at a high level. Impossible if everyone is still playing politics and agendas. If you can’t cut through the crap and raise your game you’ll be history.

Family Business owner

Family businesses are often the least immune to economic shocks and market changes. Too often the owner’s strength is the organisation’s weakness. Burying your head in the sand is no longer a viable strategy. The best time to change is now.

Private Individuals

People come to us for all sorts of reasons: anxiety, depression, a lack of confidence, recurring illness, or just a feeling that something is holding them back. Breakthrough helps people release a lifetime of accumulated emotional baggage quickly and easily. Often we hear of historic health problems that have ‘miraculously’ disappeared.