Overcome Imposter Syndrome without drama even if you’ve had it for years

Imposter Syndrome, illustrated by the lion who believes himself to be a cat, until he looks in the mirror. What would your mirror reflect back to you?

A lot of conscientious people self-label with Imposter Syndrome. It doesn’t matter how many qualifications they accumulate, they still think that they are no good and will get found out. No one else has this view of them though. Everyone else thinks they are really smart… click here to read more.

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Why you have Imposter Syndrome

The first thing to understand about Imposter Syndrome is why you have it. There are four basic reactions to threat: anger, fear, denial, and acceptance. At some point early in our lives we unconsciously decide how to react. For some of us, this might be in our character, for others this might be learned. The threat response associated with Imposter Syndrome is fear.

How it works

Man Booking an Appointment for Imposter Syndrome

1. Book a 10-min discovery call

Let’s find out if Breakthrough will help you, if it can…

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2. Complete your Breakthrough sessions

You’ll go through the different stages of the process, and as you do, you will start to feel better and better about yourself.

businessman achieving breakthrough with his hands up in celebration

3. Breakthrough into your new world

You have put your old imposter syndrome behind you and have emerged as more confident, calmer and happier.

How does this work when most solutions don’t?

Our unconscious mind and our emotional reactions act as the backseat drivers of our lives. Many people go through their lives having no idea what is really going on. Approaches that interact with the conscious mind simply don’t work, or at best are extremely hard work over a period of time. Breakthrough on the other hand interacts with the unconscious mind and our unresolved emotions.