Claire Harvey Breakthrough Leadership Success Story

Claire Harvey‘s Story

Breakthrough Leadership Success Claire Harvey

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. It was intense, it was hard work, but after just one day, I felt free.

Despite being recommended by a trusted friend boasting great results, I approached John’s breakthrough with caution. I’m no stranger to well marketed con-men and feared being both financially and emotionally ripped off.
Claire Harvey Breakthrough Leadership Success Story
Whilst I had a successful business, I’d been weighed down my whole life by the hatred I felt for my adoptive mother. I couldn’t help but feel this personal burden was holding me back from any further successes in all areas of my life. I’d tried counselling numerous times and each attempt was unsuccessful.

John and I worked together remotely to prepare me for the process and then I drove to his office to complete my breakthrough. The results were nothing short of extraordinary. It was intense, it was hard work, but after just one day, I felt free.

The sensation was so surreal that after a few days I was actively trying to conjure up the feelings I’d suffered with for so long. I couldn’t do it, and simply had to accept that John’s breakthrough had worked. He liberated me from a lifetime of grief.

After this big release I went back to John and got rid of my anxiety too. I’ve now exited a business that wasn’t working for me and have started work on a new acquisition that will increase the passive income from my first business.

I’ve met several other people John has worked with, all of whom agreed on (but struggled to describe) the success and resulting benefit of the breakthrough.

I’m eternally grateful and cannot recommend John highly enough. His years of training and research are incomparable, and his insight into humanity has proved a revelation for us all.

  • – CEO,
  • UK

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