Breakthrough for Teachers in Education

 Working in the education sector is the best way to impact the future. The breakthrough for teachers in education process helps teachers identify their strengths, achieve their goals, and reach their full potential.

Conventional leadership training works with the conscious mind. This is the Newtonian, linear world of very hard work for not much return.

Our methods work with the unconscious mind in a Quantum or non-linear way. All we are interested in is to do what’s right for you. You can experience our magic in bite size chunks, in a full development programme and something in between, according to your need.

We advise starting small to gain experience at low perceived risk. As you learn to understand the power of the methods you experience, so your confidence will grow.

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Breakthrough for Teachers in Education Personalised Sessions

Personalised sessions designed for growth.

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Join group sessions to build skills and jump-start behaviour change.

Breakthrough for Teachers in Education Personalised Coaching

Receive personalised, dynamic strategies for career development.

Coaching Reports

Get actionable insights to help them move toward their goals.

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The number one factor limiting the performance of professionally qualified, competent senior people is a lack of confidence. It is a fact that the most thorough and conscientious doubt themselves the most. This is true not just in education but in all professional services.

It may be more acute in the education sector, because teachers have less autonomy to be themselves, than other professionals. Their customers too are still developing – our rational brains are not fully formed until we are in our mid-20s – and it is our teachers who have to deal with that!

This lack of confidence, and an underlying feeling of anxiety, lead to underperformance day-to-day and underachievement over time. The stress erodes them, their careers and their relationships. The confident professional achieves more with less effort than his or her less confident colleagues. The confident teacher, in the same environment, experiences less stress and is, therefore, more resilient. He or she can take on more, whilst paying less of a personal price.

Simply put, the confident ‘A’ player has more sustainable capacity to get things done and to enjoy life along the way.

The transformation required is actually much quicker and easier than you might think, provided you go deep enough to address the root causes of the problems. From a Head Teacher’s perspective, imagine upgrading your whole team without actually replacing anyone.

How it works

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