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#5 Emotional Resolution

The process for eliminating unresolved negative emotions is fast and well established. It can take as little as a few minutes per emotion and as long as a couple of hours.

Today we want to talk about emotional resolution. This is the second level in dealing with a performance from an unconscious level. In the last video, we talked about values levels and how hidden conflicts can impede our performance. So once we’ve clarified and we’ve cleared conflicts and the values, the next level up is to start to look at unresolved emotions.

The way our unconscious works is it represses things it doesn’t like and it does that to protect us. That works in some ways but it doesn’t work in others. So if we have unresolved emotions lurking in our unconscious, those repressed emotions will be acting to hold us back in some way from the level of performance that we wish to achieve.

In extreme cases, those unresolved emotions will also be acting to make us ill and obviously being ill doesn’t help us to perform either. just like in values levels doesn’t take very long to elicit what these emotions are. Generally, we take out what we call the big five: anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.

For an average person, that session would take somewhere between two and four hours and once you’ve released those emotions they don’t come back and so, therefore, we can actually deal with that level of performance in a very straightforward manner and if you’re somebody that would like to let go of of the unresolved that’s really how long that part of the puzzle takes to solve.

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