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#3 The Performance Equation

Most of us never actually achieve a hundred percent of our potential simply because we have too much interference going on.

The performance equation is something that was coined by Timothy Gallwey. Timothy Gallwey wrote the book, The Inner Game of Tennis, back in about 1973 and it is a really simple equation. He states that your performance equals your potential minus interference. That means that most of us never actually achieve 100% of our potential simply because we have too much interference going on. What’s interesting is how people, particularly in the world of sports, approach that interference and how I’m going to tell you we need to approach it differently.

Now, where does my knowledge come from? Well, it comes from being trained by some of the top names in Sport. Let’s just go through some of those people so you get to understand what I’m talking about. number one, sir Clyde Woodward. Clive’s known for his student, warrior, champion model—the idea of whether you’re a rock or a sponge. He’s a great guy, has fantastic training and he’s a great speaker. if you haven’t heard him speak or if you haven’t been trained by him he’s definitely someone who’s worth a listen.

Then we can look at a guy called Frank Dick, who I think was a very senior in British athletics. he’s a very very uh highly respected coach in the world of sport and works at an absolute top-level—sometimes behind the scenes with teams that you wouldn’t know that he’s there, but he’s advising the best of the best. James vincent who was one of the youngest coach ever, where he was coaching with the UK badminton team. There’s also Mark Borden and I can’t remember the other guy but these guys worked with the England cricket team and various Olympic athletes so you get the idea.

These guys are working with the best of the best in the world of sports. However, what all these people have in common—and this is I think a really important distinction— is they’re all working with the conscious mind. Nobody is working at the unconscious level and it’s the unconscious level where all the interference comes from. we’ll be talking about this in a subsequent video, but I just want you to think about that for a moment

That is it is in your conscious mind or your unconscious mind where that interference lies. I think it’s important to understand the root cause of the interference lies in your unconscious not your conscious.

That’s why so many well-known household names, such as Johnny Wilkinson or Victoria Pendleton talk about the gremlins they’ve got and how they deal with their what’s called now mental health issues. I don’t think these are mental health issues, these are emotional issues but we’ll come to that in another video. if that’s something that’s affecting you and stopping you from performing at the higher level then get in touch and we’ll show you how you can access your own resources, that until now, will be blocked off to you because you’ve got issues going on at the unconscious level that stop you eliminating interference and stop you achieving your potential.

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