A Breakthrough Through A Wire Fence

How Will A Breakthrough Benefit Me?

Business Breakthrough

If you are in business, space your greater mental clarity will enable you to make better decisions. Clients report that after a breakthrough they are grasping opportunities more readily, avoiding bad deals sometimes in multiple millions and the stopping of wasting money dash one client 10 next his profit this way another cut her working hours dramatically after achieving a 30% gain in productivity.

Performing Arts Breakthrough

If you are in the performing arts, you may find your stage fright simply disappears. One singer took her improved self-confidence and went off to record her first album, something she never thought she was good enough to do.

Sport Breakthrough

If you are in sport, you’ll be expending less energy for the same result. You’ll read the game better because of improved mental clarity. You’ll have greater resilience to withstand pressure, so you’ll make better decisions no matter what happens. One tennis player said he was seeing the ball earlier, which caused him to completely change his game and shoot to the top of his age group rankings.

Employment Breakthrough

If you are in employment, after a breakthrough you will more readily speak up when you need to, you will be calmer in the management of your team. Instead of imagining reasons why you shouldn’t do something, you realise why you can. You’ll be less stressed, make decisions faster, and you’ll probably be able to work fewer hours too. Your colleagues, bosses, and subordinates all find you easier and more positive to work with. One MD rang up the next working day after his employee’s breakthrough to tell me they were a changed person. And remember, if leverage is the principle of achieving more with less, breakthrough is the ultimate personal leverage.

Relationship Breakthrough

If you are in a relationship, you will find that that relationship improves as a result of one or both partners going through a breakthrough. It is surprising what partners notice when their other half has gone through breakthrough. Typically partners find that their loved one is calmer and more peaceful, less irritable than they used to be, more patient, and more understanding.

For you, yourself perhaps the most prized benefit of a breakthrough is greater mental clarity, the quietening of the noisy little voice in your head. Some clients say it just seems to get switched off. Another really important benefit of breakthrough is that when you start to trust yourself and other people can see that you do, they tend to trust you more too. Probably the third most important benefit of completing breakthrough is understanding. When you understand yourself so clearly, you also get really good insights into the behaviour of others. Of course, this new knowledge acts to moderate your responses to what you see and hear. It allows you to remain above the fray, engaging your neocortex, rather than your limbic brain kicking off in an emotional reaction. This makes you a much more effective person whether at work or in relationships.

This self-mastery has other dividends. People often lose significant amounts of weight, certainly enough to be noticed by others. Where in the past you may have procrastinated, now you are able to make decisions quickly and confidently. Clients also often comment on previously unmentioned health problems simply disappearing. And remember, if leverage is the principle of achieving more with less, breakthrough is the ultimate personal leverage.

To summarise the benefits of a breakthrough, you’ll be better at work, better at home and happier.

The only question that remains is, for how much longer do you want to remain in your old, encumbered state when you could be in a new one, unencumbered?