Learn To Be A Good Leader

Learn and Your Employees Will Emulate You

If you want your business to be flexible enough to change and grow with turbulent market conditions, you’ll need to encourage an atmosphere in which to learn is (or becomes) appreciated. The best way to do that is to lead by example…in other words, demonstrate to your employees that you’re actually interested in learning yourself.

There are three secrets to being a good learner. You must:

  1. be excited, not threatened, by new ideas. Managers who see innovation as just another threat that will diminish their power make a grave mistake. If you’re dedicated to your company’s growth and willing to work hard to achieve it, any change will only make your position stronger.
  2. recognise your personal prejudices and admit them to others. Biases in business are often suffocating. They can make you blind to good ideas, and cause you to spend time and money on farfetched or risky concepts.
  3. remain humble. Remember that even the most important business knowledge is, at best, temporary…and today’s best ideas sometimes won’t be effective tomorrow. By remaining modest about your accomplishments, you’ll build a foundation of support in your organisation that’ll help you later.

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