Green Ribbon, world Mental health day

10 Top Tips for World Mental Health Day

I joined GB News for a discussion on mental health for Mental Health Day.

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is ‘looking after number 1’, and in light of this, I wrote up 10 top tips to help you look after number 1 — yourself:

  1. Even if you feel bad, it is likely that there is nothing wrong with you. It may be that things
    have happened to you.
  2. Please explain how beating yourself up, makes things better. It doesn’t does it?
  3. Write down the things that are on your mind. Are they things you can influence, or things
    you can’t?
  4. Those things you can’t change – let them go. Set yourself free from emotional prison.
  5. If you are still choosing to let things bother you, ask yourself, who is this serving?
  6. Remember never to punish yourself for the actions of another person, because that is what
    you are doing when you get angry with someone.
  7.  If you are determined to react to something, ask yourself what is the background reason for
    this person doing or saying what they did? It may not be immediately obvious.
  8. Choose carefully, the games in which you participate.
  9. Ignore the games you don’t want play.
  10. A smile is the world’s cheapest and most effective anti-aging formula.

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