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#10 Engagement Performance

There have been many studies on employee engagement and most of them show that the level of engagement in most companies is absolutely dire. So if you want to perform at the highest level whether you’re in a sport or in business you need to have a really engaged team. One of the things you can look at is the patterns of behaviour in your organization that are likely to diminish that level of engagement.

One of the most important is communication. Is your communication top down? Are you the primadonna bossing everybody else around or is your communication two-way so you actually hear what you need from the people who matter most, your own team?

It’s amazing how many times in business somebody, in quite a humble position, comes up with an idea that’s so blindingly obvious everybody’s wondering why they didn’t think of it. If you hadn’t had the humility to ask that person and to really listen to their point of view, you never would have heard the gem that they came out with.

Once you start doing that, everybody else starts to pay attention too and suddenly you have an engaged team that’s really performing rather than a disengaged team that’s performing at everything else but working for you.

Engagement is massively important. It’s actually relatively easy to do, provided you can park your ego and stop seeing yourself as the most important thing in the universe. Be the servant leader so instead of the organization being a pyramid with you on the top of it you actually have an inverted pyramid where your job as the leader is to support from underneath and support everybody else in being successful because if they are, you will be.

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