man walking up a staircase undergoing a breakthrough process

The 121 Breakthrough Process

Your 121 Breakthrough process starts with recognising a need. If you are perfectly happy as you are, you have everything in life that you want, why would you need to do this?

man walking up a staircase undergoing a breakthrough process

Perhaps you are blissfully unaware of your impact on others or perhaps you could not care less! Using a biblical analogy, can you pass through the ‘Eye of the Needle’? 98%, according to Maslow, can’t. The one thing that disrupted Maslow’s research the most was that he could not find enough self-actualised people to study!

If you are not self-actualised, you won’t be performing at your best. Anyone can use 121 Breakthrough as a shortcut to higher performance. It is said that when you look at success in life, EQ trumps IQ. 121 Breakthrough can improve your emotional intelligence in less than two weeks.

If you have any kind of anger issues, anxiety and or depression, 121 Breakthrough can help you. We believe many auto-immune disorders have unresolved emotion at their core. If you have always struggled to lose weight, it is likely that unresolved emotions are a key component of your problems.

Having recognised the need, the next step in your 121 Breakthrough is to assess both your historic and current situation. We do this in a variety of formal and informal ways that lead us to a consensus on the unhelpful patterns that you need to release.

By the end of the assessment stage, you will have gained insights as to your values levels, their conflicts, any significant emotional events and limiting beliefs.

The release process itself is very straightforward, but there are three reasons why people may choose to not make it work.

Breakthrough on the beach with sun setting on the horizon

The first is grandiosity. In one case the client could not believe how simple the process was, nor how quick. He felt he was far too important for something so simple.

The second is identification. When someone has strongly identified with their trauma, for example by writing a book about it, they make the trauma part of their identity. Now, they do not want to release the trauma because they feel it is part of them. If they release, they will lose part of themselves and lose their feeling of importance.

The third and most common reason is secondary gain. This is a medical term to describe the reasons why a patient may literally refuse to get better, there being no medical reason why they need to continue being ill. The problem is they perceive benefits to themselves. They avoid responsibility, they always have something or someone to blame, other people will always be running around after them, they become the centre of attention, etc.

For those who want to release, we release the five major negative emotions first followed by any you feel also need to be released. After each release, we test to your satisfaction that you have been able to make the process work.

Some people are only comfortable dealing with one release at a time. If you think about an onion, they are releasing each layer of the onion separately. Most people though, by the time they have decided to go through with the 121 Breakthrough process, are really ready to just let everything go. This is, by far, the best state to be in and the best way to approach Breakthrough.

For some people, the effect of releasing their unresolved emotions is so dramatic that any limiting beliefs they may have had are completely destroyed. For others, we need to go to the next stage in their 121 Breakthrough, to release their remaining limiting beliefs.

The procedure we use for releasing limiting beliefs is very similar to that used for releasing emotions. For you this means that once you have released your first emotion, you can make the process work for everything else too.

Sometimes, clients have let go of so much that they literally feel completely washed out. If this happens, we can either give you time to lie down and recover – at which point some people fall asleep for a while – so we can carry on a bit later. Others simply need to go home and rest. We can then re-arrange the remainder of the process to another mutually convenient date and time. We are only interested in what works best for you.

Once you have let go of your identified limiting beliefs, we’ll conclude the session for the day. We will then arrange a couple of follow up calls to see how you are getting on. Sometimes clients give us the ‘All Clear’ and sometimes they are better able to identify another pattern that’s bothering them which was previously drowned out by all the other noise. If this happens to you, we’ll just run the procedure during the call to do the release with you there and then.

Clients get all kinds of results from Breakthrough. Most end up smiling more! Some use their newfound confidence to get promoted or to grow their business. Some find that their health suddenly improves. We’ve been told of clients being signed off their medication by their doctor because their symptoms have completely disappeared. Others find they can dramatically improve the quality of their relationships due to the insights they gain from the 121 Breakthrough process. Probably the best testimonial is when wives ask to go through the process too because the change in their husbands has been so profound.

Breakthrough Leadership Coach John Cottrell