Jeffrey Casper‘s Story

Breakthrough Leadership Success Jeffrey Casper

…strip away layers of doubt, self deceit… Now I think more clearly and feel a positive sense of purpose in what I do.

“John’s approach to coaching is unlike any I have seen or experienced. He manages to both demystify and yet fully utilize the best thinking and understanding of how we each carry within us past experiences that shape our way of thinking and indeed, hold us back.
Jeffrey Casper Breakthrough Leadership Success Story
Without realizing I was operating under totally unnecessary constraints, John’s program allowed me to strip away layers of doubt, self deceit, and patterns of behaviour that were leading me to inefficient patterns and poor decisions.

Now I think more clearly and feel a positive sense of purpose in what I do. The program enabled me to rediscover my passion for the day to day process of achieving goals rather than feeling of life as a struggle to a never ending and unfulfilling set of destinations.”

  • – CEO,
  • USA

More Client Stories

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. It was intense, it was hard work, but after just one day, I felt free.
  • – Claire Harvey,
  • CEO
I know exactly who I am and where I’m heading. For that, I’ll be eternally grateful…
  • – Alexandra Wood,
  • CEO
Breakthrough gave me the clarity and focus that stops me losing time and energy in pressure situations. I never looked back.
  • – Julian Atherley,
  • Management Consultant
John helped me up my hill in a way I never imagined anyone could.
  • – Rupert Pease,
  • Managing Director