Amanda FitzGerald‘s Story

Amanada FitzGerald

Since having had that breakthrough I just feel like I've just had a mask or something over my eye removed.

I was given the recommendation to work with John Cottrell from a friend and mutual colleague and it was a no-brainer. John has a fantastic reputation so I knew that I’d be in a safe pair of hands.

Amanada FitzGerald

I was having quite a few issues over the past year or so I experienced quite a bit of life curveballs and I needed to have some help in getting my confidence back on track. It was actually affecting both my life and my business so yeah so I really needed a bit of a shake-up.

  • – PR Expert,
  • UK

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John is a gifted coach with a rare skill for helping people remove blocks to access a greater level of self awareness...
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Breakthrough gave me the clarity and focus that stops me losing time and energy in pressure situations. I never looked back.
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The results were nothing short of extraordinary. It was intense, it was hard work, but after just one day, I felt free.
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John helped me up my hill in a way I never imagined anyone could.
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