Amanada FitzGerald

Amanda FitzGerald‘s Story

Amanada FitzGerald

Since having had that breakthrough I just feel like I've just had a mask or something over my eye removed.

I was given the recommendation to work with John Cottrell from a friend and mutual colleague and it was a no-brainer. John has a fantastic reputation so I knew that I’d be in a safe pair of hands.

Amanada FitzGerald

I was having quite a few issues over the past year or so I experienced quite a bit of life curveballs and I needed to have some help in getting my confidence back on track. It was actually affecting both my life and my business so yeah so I really needed a bit of a shake-up.

  • – PR Expert,
  • UK

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…strip away layers of doubt, self deceit… Now I think more clearly and feel a positive sense of purpose in what I do.

John helped me let go of some past experiences which had limited my ability to grow and work on the future.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. It was intense, it was hard work, but after just one day, I felt free.

He changed my life.