Peter Lawrence‘s Story

He changed my life.

I have all the top gurus and experts in my industry, on my phone, I could call any of them, but none of them come close to John.

He changed my life.

  • – Managing Director,
  • Harrow UK

More Client Stories

Thanks, John. I feel like I am ready to embrace the next chapter of my business life with great joy and confidence.
  • – Cynthia Wihardja,
  • CEO
John helped me up my hill in a way I never imagined anyone could.
  • – Rupert Pease,
  • Managing Director
Breakthrough gave me the clarity and focus that stops me losing time and energy in pressure situations. I never looked back.
  • – Julian Atherley,
  • Management Consultant
John’s work is profound, and while difficult to describe with words has had an impact beyond what I could have imagined.
  • – Dr. Nadine Sinclair,
  • Managing Director